31 Jul 2019
misconceptions of curtain cleaning

Now that you’re well aware of the fact that your curtains may be the culprit to your runny nose or frequent coughing for it can accumulate specks of dust and allergens, you may think that just tossing it in your washing machine would clean it entirely.

But it won’t.

When a curtain is not cleaned properly, it’ll not only ruin the fabric of the curtain but leave the dirt lying around on parts of it. Would hiring a curtain cleaning service company be an efficient alternative to guarantee that you’re able to get rid of all unwanted dirt? Many have testified that since cleaning companies have experts, they are knowledgeable on the appropriate cleaning method your curtain needs to have.

However, to better help you make the best choice, you may want to look at the common misconceptions when it comes to cleaning curtains that we frequently make:


Admit or not, most of the time we don’t consider the type of fabric our curtains are made of. Regardless of its color, thickness, and texture, we all have this belief that the washing machine and normal detergent will be the fitting solution to get it cleaned. But sometimes, your curtains only need to be vacuuming to protect its design and life span.


If there are some who seldom clean their curtains, there are others who excessively clean their curtains which result in discoloration and shorten usability and/or lifespan of your curtains. May it be washing using your hands or machine, cleaning of curtains almost every week can be the cause of frequently purchasing of new sets of curtains.


Did you know that when you’re drying out your curtains, it’s ideal not to let it completely dry up? Completely dried up curtains can cause for the fabric to wrinkle which can lead to an additional number of minutes of ironing it. While some opt of letting the sun do the work of drying it up, it can lead to discoloration which will make your curtain more susceptible in acquiring dirt and bacteria.

Remember that the more you’re stylish the curtain is, the more chance you likely need to have an expert take care of its cleaning process. Fortunately, Cotton Care offers reliable curtain cleaning service to its clients. Their experts have the capability to remove unseen dirt and allergens and at the same time help your curtain from further sun damage. They also provide removal and installation of curtains and also help in installing temporary curtains while your curtains are being cleaned thoroughly.

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