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One-stop Laundry Service Provider

As one of the top commercial laundry services in Singapore that provides cost-effective and finest laundry services to all platforms of businesses with the knowledge and expertise in handling different types of fabrics and cleaning techniques, Cotton Care also guarantees that our professionals are well-trained in cleaning most types of fabrics and textiles, including uniforms, linens, curtains, carpets, rugs, bedsheets, pillow and quilt covers.

Through our years of experience and structured laundry system that handles a large volume of laundry operation, providing organized and professional standards, Cotton Care ensures its capability to meet your requirements needed as an organization. Therefore, we also provide professional laundry service that’s ideal for businesses and organizations.

We believe that a good commercial laundry contract will not only save time and be cost-effective, it will also make the business operation flow smoothly with the laundry services we are willing to provide, eliminating time-consuming logistics and the constant worry of the cleanliness of your items.

Cotton Care prides itself on the quality and inimitable cleaning services to its customers. Through the help of our expert team that has been in the cleaning industry for a long time, we handle almost all aspects of garments for laundry and dry cleaning. Our staff was all thoroughly trained in all areas of laundry- from utilizing the equipment to expecting garments turn over.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

We do not only possess the knowledge and experience in handling a wide variety of textiles and fabrics, but we also make use of safety detergents and dry cleaning products from pre-treatment of materials, to the actual cleaning process, until the post-treatment of the garments.

Cotton Care offers linen services for all types of businesses including and not limited to hotels, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Bed linen services are also catered for dormitories and hotels to cater a large number of prospective customers that we can provide fine laundry cleaning services. Aside from bed linen, laundry of hand and bath towels for small to medium-sized hotels is also offered.

For the overall convenience of our customers, Cotton Care ensures to give precise arrival and departure of laundry and make sure that all items have been thoroughly cleaned, washed, folded, and specifically arranged as per our customer’s request.

Collection and Delivery

Assuring that your items are delivered in no time and to save you with logistics, time and effort, we provide free pick-up and delivery of your item. Collection may be done daily or twice a week depending on your preference and the number of items per collection.

Rest assured that in case of changes on pick-up and delivery of your items may happen, you’ll be informed right way and on circumstances where items may be rescheduled, immediate details of the schedule will be given to avoid further inconvenience.

Contract Completion

Contract services offered by Cotton Care is a correlative arrangement between the company and the provider. Therefore, the bond of the contract shall be sustainable upon the agreement between Cotton Care and its customer.

Benefits of the contract service:

  1. Cost-saving method of having your items cleaned for prices may be reduced by the agreement between the company and Cotton Care.
  2. One-stop solution with a variety of contract commercial laundry services to choose from.
  3. Consistency in pick-up and delivery of your items.
  4. Free delivery service.
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