03 Sep 2019

We all know by now that everything we use regularly that is not properly cleaned can cause us unwanted diseases.

Such as curtains.

One might say that “Technically, curtains aren’t touched by anyone and just idly displayed in our rooms.” While this notion is right, we may also be unaware of the fact that curtains absorb almost everything around our house – from protecting us to harmful rays of the sun and unpleasant air to cooking aromas,

smoked cigarette, and even freshly baked cookies, all these can cause the curtains to lose its cleanliness and eventually lead to discoloration.

Fortunately, there are various cleaning methods you can do to prevent your favorite curtain from putting you and your loved ones’ health at stake

1. Cleaning Curtains Using Washing Machine

To wash your curtains using a washing machine, you may follow these instructions:

Check if the curtain is labeled to washed by hand or machine.
If by washing machine, set your machine into delicate style to keep curtains to its original size.
Alternatively, you may set it in the cool wash then choose slow spin.

Add in the laundry detergent that you typically use.
Note that it’s only lightweight curtains that can be washed using this method. Shrinking is most
likely to happen if this method will be applied for heavyweight curtains.

2. Cleaning Curtains Through Handwashed Method

For curtains made of cotton, it is ideal to hand-washed it following these instructions:

Pour in either your regular laundry detergent or even gentle soap in the water where curtains will be soaked in first. Choosing a detergent with gentle ingredients will prevent the materials of curtains
from being damaged.

Since most detergents have instructions at the back of its container on how you’ll hand wash a
material, make sure that you follow it since each product have their concentrations.

3. Cleaning Curtains Through Steaming

A steam cleaner should also be an adequate alternative in cleaning your curtains.

Start cleaning from top to bottom.
For circumstances that you notice that the curtain is getting wet, hold the steamer away from the
curtain for a few inches.

Of course, if this would be your first time to use a steamer read the instructions carefully. Steams
can burn you if not used properly.

4. Seeking Professional Help in Cleaning Curtains

This might cause you to raise your eyebrows knowing fully that you can take care of your curtains. But did you know that cleaning service companies utilize different cleaning tools for different fabrics of a curtain? This is to guarantee that there will be no damaged material nor discoloration that may occur if you clean the curtain yourself.

Imagine that you’re able to save yourself the time, effort, cost of detergent, and even prevent from getting sick due to the strong ingredients of some detergents if you would let an expert take care of your curtains with all delicacy.

The experts of this cleaning company have gone through training and various experiences to know in just a glance the kind of treatment that your curtain needs. Cleaning companies also provide removal and installation of your curtains to further provide a hassle-free and convenient curtaining cleaning services for you.

Whatever cleaning method you may prefer in taking care of your curtains, what matters most is that you keep it clean and avoid it from becoming an agent of diseases.

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