18 Feb 2019
Cottoncare Good and Professional Dry Cleaner

Looking for a good and professional dry cleaner near you? Or still hesitant if you should let somebody clean your garments? You’ve probably heard and saw a lot of your neighbors going for a professional dry cleaner to do one of the most dreaded tasks weekly – garment cleaning. And you probably still stand with your belief that you’ll save more if you’ll clean it yourself instead on outsourcing this task.

But think about this: your clothes will be handled to professionals who are trained and experienced in treating different kinds of stains. They are well aware if your clothes should be clean through simple laundry or dry cleaning. It may also come back to you as if it’s the first time you’ll ever wear it.

Wouldn’t you want to get rid of the odor of your clothes you’ve been treating for quite some time. Too much DIY of trying to remove the odor might lose the quality of your shirt. However, with a professional dry-cleaning expert, it can remove any odor, even smoke, in your garments.

Hiring a professional dry cleaner can save you a lot of time and at the same time make your garments look clean and free of odor. Moreover, the experts are thorough in making sure that your garments, although clean through a machine, shall maintain its quality and avoid fading of colors or loosening in size. Since, it’s one of the most in-demand service people are looking for, you can practically find a laundry and dry-cleaning company near you. Technology has also help in making it hassle-free in enquiring because these companies can now be found through their websites and social media channels.

Now that you’re decided to get a professional dry-cleaner, the next step is to determine if they are the one. Here’s a quick checklist that can serve as your guide in choosing the perfect dry cleaner:

  • Do the dry-cleaning company have enough experience?
    Just like what they when you’re still studying, you’ll never what the world is like outside of it until you’ve experienced of it. The same goes for a dry-cleaning company. Just because they have fancy discounts and promos doesn’t mean that they have the best service to offer. Know more on how many years they have been operating because companies who’ve been operating on the long run know how to take care of your clothes well.
  • Have you tried availing any of their service?
    Of course, you wouldn’t know if they are offering the service you wanted if you haven’t tried it. It’s alright to look for reviews, but people may have mix opinion about their services so it’s best that you try it for yourself. In a way, if somebody asks you which one provides the best cleaning service, you can provide a comprehensive review for each one.
  • Are they near you?
    Since time is of essence, you will need to choose a laundry shop that near your place. A company that can easily pick-up and deliver back your clothes without being jammed in a heavy traffic.
  • How’s their reputation?
    How well they are received by their customers? Have you tried reading the reviews about them? It gives you an initial insight on how the dry-cleaning company works and if they are able to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Does the price deserve the quality of service?
    Do not only vary your choices based on the price. Don’t get so persuaded with low-cost dry-cleaning prices of various items. Check thoroughly if they do provide a low cost yet quality output and same goes for high cost dry cleaning prices as well.

Cotton Care provides cost-effective yet efficient dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery service anywhere in Singapore. You may browse through the services and promos available online and enquire and have your items pick-up in just one call. As Cotton Care can provide services almost anywhere in Singapore, it will guarantee that your clothes will be taken care of and delivered back to you as soon as possible.

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