01 Jul 2016
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Things You Don’t Know About Laundry

Tips for Laundry

You can ask all the mothers, gentlemen or literally any individual in this planet on what their most dreaded chore is – and laundry will always be one of the answers. No one can blame them for laundry not only takes a lot of time but requires effort, safety precautions and additional bills.

But before you even hate the word ‘laundry,’ here are the random (fun) facts you can refresh your mind with:

Men on laundry? According to Wall Street Journal, “An epic change is happening inside American homes: Men are doing more laundry.” In Fact, Whirlpool Corp. developed a ‘ColorLast’ cycle on its washing machine in aid to clothes not separated during laundry therefore avoiding colors from fading.

Raw jeans are the best. Did you know that experts from Hiut Denim suggest that raw denim is best given a good six months before going to do laundry? The longer you can leave it, the better your jeans will look.

White Vinegar to the rescue. You don’t need to waste more money on fabric softener; white vinegar can help soften your clothes after laundry. Just make sure to put the right amount or you know what happens next.

Bleaching is all fun and games till it’s too much. Over bleaching your white clothes will make it appear yellow more than white. You should take measurements accurately so bleaching your clothes won’t add more horror to your laundry day.

There are still a lot of facts you can discover yourself when doing laundry. But bear in mind that laundry may take up a lot of time but it will surely pay off on the health and tidiness department. So may your love-hate relationship with laundry do good to you.

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