01 Jul 2019
Cottoncare Mattress Cleaning


Each night, as we lay in our bed and take a rest, a liter of sweat and gram of our skin goes into our mattress, causing for fungal spores, bacteria and at least 2 Million dust mites living inside of it. If you wake up in the middle of the night seeing red spots or feeling itchy, this should be a red flag for you that other unwanted visitors have invaded your mattress.

Choosing the best Mattress Cleaning Services can be tough. You’ll have to find a cleaning service that will fight off the air pollution brought by your mattress. Imagine these bacteria and dust mites roaming off your mattress as you lay at night or play with your kids – the most comfortable spot in your home is actually bringing you the most uncomfortable diseases you may acquire.

The traditional yet always cost-efficient and effective method of Mattress Cleaning Services Singapore includes the following processes:

• Vacuum – Vacuuming removes all the skin cells, dust and other unwanted debris gathered around your mattress over time (which may even include food crumbs).

• Deodorize – Deodorizing helps in neutralizing the odor of your mattress. You may not notice it, but because of sweat accumulated, your mattress produces an unpleasant odor that you may have grown accustomed to. But for visitors you’d want to take good night sleep in your bed, they might have a different opinion about it.

• Cleaning and Removal of Stains – The crucial part of cleaning is the removal of stains since these have somehow been an agent for the bacteria and dust mites in your mattress. With a proper mattress cleaning service, experts see to it that all stains are attended and any traces of blood, vomit, spoiled foods, or bodily fluids have been removed and cleaned.

• Steam Cleaning – Totally not the least, adding of steam cleaning to your mattress cleaning can further protect you and your family from germs.

Do not hesitate to give you and your family the best mattress cleaning as possible. As much as clothes are important to be cleaned so as your mattress where you sleep for at least eight (8) hours each day.

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