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Sharing has always been both a rewarding and a humbling experience. When we share what we have with those people in need, we learn to appreciate the blessings we receive and it humbles us in a way. For Cotton Care, we have been creating this feeling for the past 3 years. Our company’s Give Back Program, conceptualized in the later part of 2009, aims to give aid to the less fortunate individuals. It has bridged the gap between donors and the recipients by establishing a platform for giving and receiving. More than just a corporate social responsibility, we consider this program as our own little way to influence other people to participate in a good cause.


Sources of the charity items came from different groups of people. Initially, the bulk of the items came from the homemakers doing house clearing and spring cleaning duties. After the onset of the program, there have been variations in the type of donor. Now, donors also include corporate and educational institutions which have done charity drives in their respective organizations. Most of the items given were in considerably good condition. There were also shop owners who have decided to cease operations and eventually contributed brand-new items from their inventory. As of the moment, the total number of items collected is estimated to be – (insert estimated quantity).


Currently, the recipients of our Give Back Program range from children and elderly homes, centres for migrant workers to foundations for rehabilitated delinquents. We have also contributed to church organizations conducting missionary services to places outside of the country. In addition to this, we have opened our doors to help our nearby countries in the region. Organizations from calamities-stricken countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and China were some of our beneficiaries. Other recipient organizations have developed a way to raise funds from the items that were given to them. Excess items from their required quantity were put to good use by applying the concept of a thrift shop. Income generated from the said shops was added to the organization’s existing funds. The funds, little as it may seem, have helped the organizations to purchase the things that they need such as medicines and food items.

Azaza Lends a Hand to Bohol Earthquake Victims

The Cotton Care staff  held a debriefing session after the distribution of relief goods. The said activity is one great way to provide the earthquake victims an opportunity to vent their emotions by sharing their experiences during and after the 7.2-magnitude earthquake. Some of the people who shared their stories are Benigna Silagan and her daughter, Vic Silagan, residents of Tent # 3 of the vacating area in Barangay Baang, Catigbian, Bohol.

The Cotton Share team woke up early to prepare for their travel to the distribution site. When they arrived, they were met by hopeful individuals – children wearing smiles on their faces upon seeing the arrival of their new friends and adults looking relieved knowing that they can survive a day or two with the relief goods that will be given to them.

Cotton Share Extends Help to Yolanda Victims

The Philippines, specifically the Visayas region, was hit consecutively by two of the most devastating natural disasters this year. It was on October 15, 2013 when the Visayan people experienced a 7.2-magnitude earthquake, which caused the destruction of residences and prominent establishments in Cebu and Bohol. Early this November, while recovering from the calamity, the Visayans was yet again tested by the wrath of nature when the deadly, category 5 super typhoon Yolanda (international name “Haiyan”) ravaged the area, leaving nothing but destruction, hopelessness and sufferings.


Almost immediately, even though strong winds could still pose a threat, many nations joined the local government in dispatching rescue teams to provide aid to victims and in search for survivors. Millions of people from around the world raised funds, donated food, medical aids and equipment to be sent to the victims.

We, Cotton Share and a few others had the privilege to join the thousands of volunteers in extending support to whoever is in need. After the typhoon Yolanda passed, the team immediately made arrangements for another relief operation at Barangay Caputatan Sur, Medillen of the province of Cebu, just two weeks after we went to earthquake-affected Bohol. This operation was again led by Ms. NN Gamale, who made sure that everything went smoothly for the team and the aid reached the beneficiaries:

The Benefits of Sharing Your Blessings

Many times in our lives, several circumstances have called us to share a part of ourselves, may it be in the form of an unused clothing, an outdated house decor, or an underutilized yet still-good-to-go toaster. But do you know that the saying “It is in giving that we receive” is absolutely true to all individuals who give heartily? This is because, in one way or another, generosity yields unnoticeable positive effects.

According to Paul Zak, director of the Centre for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, sharing results into the release of oxytocin, which proves to be good for the health. This hormone is in charge with relieving stress, enhancing immune function, and fostering trust in human relationships. So get actively involved with charity programs more often and you will see that giving is an effective happy pill which will help you lengthen your lifespan.

Victims of natural calamities, such as earthquakes and typhoons, have the tendency to break down and become hopeless. Hopelessness is a bad sign for it may mean loss of trust and confidence to the world and mankind. If you want to keep these individuals’ faith burning, sharing what you have, no matter how little, will go a long way.

Through generosity, you become less attached to material objects, thus allowing you to give something dear without feeling remorse. You also learn the values of cooperation and sensitivity towards others’ needs, which in a way will help you form better and healthy relationships. Besides, when you feel the world has desert you, giving makes you aware that you are not alone, someone somewhere are facing more difficult situations, thus giving you the strength to push on.

Some people believe that if they do good, good luck will bestow upon them. Although that cannot be scientifically proven, doing good can actually make a person feels good. This feeling can make a person become more open minded to possibilities, less pessimistic and thereafter brings an overall positive change towards personal attitudes and actions. That is perhaps the greatest gift from giving.

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