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Laundry And Dry Cleaning Service

Cotton Care - The leading laundry and dry cleaning service company in Singapore. Also offers cleaning services for curtain, carpet, rug, sofa and cushion covers. At Cotton Care, we provide a free laundry collection and delivery right to your doorstep, at home or the office.

Cotton Care is dedicated to helping you achieve a quality lifestyle by taking the most dreaded chore of ironing and laundry cleaning off your to-do list.   As we handle mainly household items, it gives us the edge to handle large volumes of laundry and dry cleaning service all year round without discounting on efficiency, reliability and hygiene. Check out our laundry cleaning and dry cleaning service pricelist!

Besides laundry services, our experience in the industry has allowed us to broaden our service range to carpet and curtain cleaning. We have also launched a curtain customization service called Customade which focuses on creating your very own curtain from scratch.


Curtain Cleaning Service

curtain cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Service

sofa cleaning

Bag Cleaning Service

bag cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service

carpet cleaning