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Cotton Care is dedicated to helping you achieve a quality lifestyle by taking the most dreaded chore of ironing and laundry cleaning off your to-do list. As we handle commercial, industrial laundry services and household items, it gives us the edge to handle large volumes of laundry and dry cleaning service all year round without discounting on efficiency, reliability and hygiene. Check out our laundry and dry cleaning service pricelist!,

Besides laundry services, our experience in the industry has allowed us to broaden our service range to carpet and curtain cleaning. We have also launched a curtain customization service called Customade which focuses on creating your very own curtain from scratch.

5 WH’s Questions about Dry Cleaning Singapore

What is Dry Cleaning?

Most of us nowadays, especially busy people and students, depend on washing machines and clothes dryer when it comes in washing their clothes. It is true that through this method, people can save so much of their time and they can spend it on other valuable things or family time. Who wouldn’t want to save themselves from cleaning their weekly dirty and stained clothes? But in the start of 21st century, people are also starting to patronize dry cleaning.

What makes dry cleaning different from the usual way that people wash their clothes? Dry Cleaning is a process of cleaning for clothing and other household textiles where in it only uses little amount of water and opted for chemical solvent to do all the cleaning wonders, hence the name Dry clean. The solvent popular used for Dry Cleaning is a toxic called tetrachloroethylene, which is known in the industry as PCE.

What can PCE do to our clothes?

PCE can clean even the most delicate fabrics that you may think can’t withstand the harsh tumble of washing machine or dryer. It is also convenient to those who frequently wash their clothes since using this solvent can eradicate intensive hand washing of clothes. PCE is the most widely used solvent across the word and usually used by cleaning experts in making sure that the clothes are well taken care of during the process of dry cleaning.

Who started the Dry Cleaning business?

Dry cleaning using lye and ammonia can be probably considered as the pioneer of dry cleaning method during the ancient times. These are used to absorb soils and grease from clothing which are delicate for laundering.

Would you believe if dry cleaning started out of accident? Yes, it did!

It was only around in 1855 when the modern dry cleaning where non-water-based solvents are used in removing soils and stains from clothes. The dye-works operator Jean Baptiste Jolly discovered that using petroleum-based solvents like gasoline and kerosene are a potential dry cleaning element. He discovered it when his maid accidentally overturned a kerosene lamp on his table cloth and found out that it actually cleaned the cloth. From then on, he offered this new service called ‘dry cleaning.’ We can conclude that dry cleaning didn’t started as ‘dry’ at all since liquids are still use in removing stains.

But there was a concern regarding the flammability of it, so William Joseph Stoddard suggested that it would be much safer to use less flammable alternative instead of gasoline-based solvents. Later on, different dry cleaning business started using chlorinated solvents. These solvents were less flammable and has aid in improving the cleaning of clothes.

The shift in using tetrachloroethylene or PCE as a solvent started in mid-1930s. PCE is considered a good cleaning solvent, it’s also non-flammable and gentle to garments. Aside from being safer and faster, using PCE requires less enormous cleaning equipment and could be installed in any retail locations where in dry cleaning of clothes could last only for an hour or so.

Why do people prefer Dry Cleaning services now?

Most of us, especially those who are already caught up with the large amount of attention their jobs demand from them, prefer to have their clothes dry cleaned because of these reasons:

  • People working in dry cleaning companies are experts when it comes to making your clothes cleaned and safe from any damage.
  • Busy people, or even those who belong in large organizations like family, just need to drop off their clothes and pick it up when it’s already done. Nowadays, companies even pick up and deliver their clothes right at their doorsteps.
  • The Finishing; customers don’t need to iron or fold their washed clothes since dry cleaning companies are going to do it for them. They’ll even sew buttons on clothes if they that there are missing buttons.
  • Dry Cleaning service doesn’t only clean clothes, but they also wash household textiles. They also process items like comforters, blankets, decorative pillow, upholster, rugs, and even draperies.
  • In other Dry Cleaning establishments, they are experts in removing odor by using ozone generators.

How to avail a Dry Cleaning service?

  1. You can call, send a sms, or contact them through their e-mail. Most Dry Cleaning companies offer free pick and delivery for their customers.
  2. The collector of your clothes will do a physical count of your clothes and invoice of your contact info and expected delivery date. After that, you’ll have to give 50% deposit.
  3. After that, you’ll just need to wait for your cleaned clothes to be delivered right at your doorstep.

5 WH’s Questions about Laundry Singapore

What is Laundry?

The washing of clothing and linens is referred as laundry. Laundry cleaning can be done in our home where there is a separate for the machine which is often referred as laundry room. The materials that are being washed using the laundry machine is generally known as laundry.

What are the types of Laundry Services?

Diaper Services

They only handle cloth diapers for their customers. They pick up the dirty loads and deliver fresh clothes right at the customers’ doorsteps.


Considered as the most old and general type of laundry service, Laundromat is a machine operated washer where in you can also dry up your clothes after washing it. Usually, Laundromats are coin-operated machines that is why it is considered hassle-free to its regular customers.

Fluff and Fold Services

Fluff and Fold Service is considered a convenient way for busy people when it comes in Laundry Services. This type of service offers free pick-up and delivery. They will also iron and fold the clothes for you.

When did Laundry started?

Did you know that laundry started through watercourses? Yes, it did!

People before let the course of water take away stains and smells from their clothes. In some less industrialized places or regions all over the world, this is still the way how people wash their clothes. Traditionally, people slap or rub against the rocks their clothes to help in beating the dirt out. They even use wooden bats and washboard that they consider a more effective way in removing stains and dirt.

Apart from, watercourses, people also patronized washhouses. In this process, water is channelled from a river or spring and brought to building that is specifically built or laundry purposes. This is much in some rural areas since the launderers have specific places where they can wash their clothes.

It was only during Industrial Revolution that the laundry business went to a drastic change. From using hands which requires intensive washing, people were able to developed technology to aid this problem, hence the discovery of washing machines.

The first one to develop was called mangle, followed by hand-operated washing machines. Today, washing machines also have clothes dryers included.


Why do people prefer Laundry services now?

We can never hide the fact that the discovery of different methods of cleaning our clothes have become very convenient to humanity. We were able to save time and become less worries as to what clothes are we going to were next week or who will do the laundry for the family when everyone is caught up with their own busy lives. Even though washing our clothes is a major household chore in every organization, spending our time waiting for our clothes to dry seem to be a total waste of time.  Aside from that, why do you think people are getting more and more interested in having their clothes cleaned by laundry service companies?

Fast and Easy

You don’t have to deal with piled-up laundry waiting to be washed. A reliable laundry service company can aid your worries and make sure that all your clothes are well taken care f.

Laundry Experts

We must admit that not all of us know all must-do’s when it comes in cleaning our clothes. Most of the time we ended up ruining our clothes which could be changed if you know a nearest laundry shop near you. All these laundry service companies hire laundry care experts who are professionals in this particular field. They know what kind of solvent or how should your clothes be washed in order to maintain its original appearance.


Since laundry companies have a reputation to uphold, they always see to it that they always give the best treatment for your clothes. Laundry services offer a commercial value of cleaning your clothes, assuring the quality, sanitary of their place and machine, and therefore making efficient cleaning service for their customers to continuously patronize them. That’s why recent studies shows that laundry and even dry cleaning business will be a booming industry for the next years to come.

How to avail a Laundry service?

In a classic laundry service;

  1. Laundry is picked up from the customers’ houses or they can just drop it off to the nearest laundry service.
  2. You can pay by weight, its services include drying and folding of the laundry.
  3. You can collect the laundry by the scheduled time offered by the laundry service company.

The leading laundry and dry cleaning service company in Singapore. Also offers cleaning services for curtain, carpet, rug, sofa and cushion covers. At Cotton Care, we provide a free laundry collection and delivery right to your doorstep, whether at home or office.



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In a busy country like Singapore, every time is valuable. There are certain things that people don’t have time for, don’t know how to do things properly or simply can’t handle doing it such as laundry and dry cleaning. Because of this, Cotton Care came to help you.

Cotton Care is the leading provider of laundry and dry cleaning services in Singapore. We are dedicated to help every people in doing laundry and dry cleaning which are one of the very stressful household chore ever. We ensure to give a high quality and satisfying cleaning services for laundry, curtain, carpet, rug, sofa and cushion covers to our clients. We also offer free laundry collection and delivery right at your doorstep.

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